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Twice my freedom was on the line.

The second time, I didn’t think there was a way out but I stumbled across the perfect solution to my problem.

After using the secret again & again with success, I shared it with a few friends who reported back that it had worked for them as well.

I believe if you want to use Marijuana, you should be able to use Marijuana.

I hated that many desirable jobs required drug testing which would either disqualify me or cast a skewed perspective in some cases. Even more discouraging was an experience in a State that considered my consumption criminal; in Texas I spent 1&1/2 years on random drug tests. I didn’t stop smoking and I trusted a store-bought popular “detox” drink to help me pass my first test.

I FAILED my drug test using a “Detox” Drink from a head shop.

Seriously, fuck those products. Most of those products, whether online or in store, won’t list their ingredients or even give you detailed directions on how to use the product successfully! Oh, and I was really kicking myself for having spent over $50 on the product only to fail the test and shit neon-green for the next 24 hours..

But LUCKILY I found THE FORMULA that worked..

I found the information floating in a forum. I couldn’t be sure it would work, but I really had nothing to lose after failing my first test. I found that with 4 hours to prepare, and just 48 hours after my last joint, I could reliably pass my random urinalysis drug tests.

I started to tell friends who reported their successes back to me.

One used The Formula to beat a court ordered drug test for marijuana, and another used The Formula to beat a pre-employment drug test and get the job they were after. Several friends later, all reporting success, I decided to make THE 420 FORMULA available online to save you from wasting money on expensive “detox” drinks that might fail you like they failed me.

The only 100% Money Back Guarantee?

I honestly haven’t looked everywhere, but I’m going to bet that not many or no other products of this nature (1)Tell you the exact ingredients and how they work, (2) Give you step-by-step instructions to use the product successfully, and (3)Offer a 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. I wanted to do this for a few reasons, including my personal experience successfully using The Formula for over a year of random drug tests. The positive reports of others using the same Formula to their own success encouraged me, and when you purchase The Formula to pass your urinalysis drug test, I want you to walk in with the same confidence that you will pass.

How does it work?

Let’s keep it simple. Urinalysis Drug Tests detect what are known as METABOLITES in your urine.

Metabolites are products of digestion and the processing of substances in the body by the liver. Drug Tests for Marijuana work by detecting threshold levels of particular metabolites that are only present in the system of someone who has ingested and processed THC from Cannabis consumption.

It is important to understand that urine tests do not detect the psychoactive THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). Instead, the Urinalysis Test detects the non-psychoactive Marijuana Metabolite THC-COOH, which can remain stored in the body with fats for days and weeks.

Many people claim you can pass a drug test by drinking large amounts of water alone. This is what we call DILUTION. It can work, but the higher the levels of THC metabolite in the system, the more water required, and more importantly: it will not always work, is unreliable, and potentially fatal.

It is worth noting that you can die from water poisoning. Too much water too fast is a real problem, and you don’t want to have it.

So let’s talk about why The Formula works.

What I found is all natural, keeps you from having to drown yourself in water, and most importantly, it uses the natural functions of your digestion system to divert THC metabolites from your urinary tract while The Formula digests.

The single ingredient of The Formula is well known. It increases the viscosity of material in your digestive system, and is even known medically for its ability to draw lipids(fats) from food and bile. This is where the fat-soluble THC metabolites are diverted from their typical path in the urinary system to allow you to pass a urinalysis drug test with no detectable THC Metabolite. In combination with 101% Hydration, The Formula will allow you to pass a Urinalysis Drug test for THC Metabolite. Instead of using dilution, 101% Hydration is a method of water consumption designed to safely saturate your system without completely draining yourself of electrolytes and minerals and without risking discomfort, nausea, and potential water poisoning associated with over-dilution.